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So please.. download, cut and leave it, wherever you like :) Maybe we suceed to get some more people's interest for animal welfare.

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Signing petitions is also one way to support animal welfare – not only for Romania. We think – no, we really know – that this kind of protest reaches to success and will lead to consequences for the responsible people of the dog-massacre. The Romanian government hesitates to accept the 'killing-law' (PL 912) because of the massive pressure from abroad. Please also invite your friends and colleagues to take some time for the strays

Now here is a small choice of the most important petitions:

Sample letters of protest

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Flyer Rumänien

Hier könnt ihr Flyer gegen das Massaker in Rumänien zum verteilen oder auslegen als PDF-Datei herunterladen und ausdrucken (rechtsklick und dann speichern unter wählen):
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Protestplakate gegen die Massentötung in Rumänien hier...

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