Dear all,

Because in the last period I received many emails containing questions about some information concerning the PL 912 (stray dogs management) that circulats on forums and facebook, I make here some clarifications: Since the time it was put on the agenda for plenary meetings, nothing new has happen. PL 912 was not debated up to now not because it was postponed but because it is at a position too far in agenda and also because many other events were and the deputies either not discussed as many projects as it is normal or the meetings in this respect did not take place. Now, PL 912 is at position 42 on agenda and, on Monday, the Standing Bureau will put other projects in agenda and some of them before PL912, so the new position will be at least 50. Anyway, as always, we'll attend, every week, to the meetings of plenum of Chamber o Deputies, till the end. a) about "the vote from tomorrow": Tomorrow, according their program, no project will be debated because the deputies have to vote/discuss a motion. On Tuesday the projects from agenda will be debated between 10 AM and 1 PM. Normally, in 3 hours it is not time to discuss 50 projects, therefore PL 912 can be debated only if 1) many other projects before it will be "jumped" or 2) if a deputy will ask, during the plenary meeting, to be discussed before the ohers. Therefore NOBODY (excepting the leaders of PD-L with whom nobody spoke) knows if it will be or not discussed on Tuesday (within the conditions previous mentioned).

Theoretically it is possible to be taking into consideration the PD-L party wants to discuss it before their internal elections (which will be the next week). b) Other question I am often asked by animal welfare supporters is about "silent" adopting of PL 912 According the art. 113 of the regulations of Chamber of Deputies / article 75 (1) and (2) of the Constitution of Romania, a legislative project can be "silente" adopted after 45 days only in the first notified Chamber. In case of PL 912 the Senate was the first notified Chamber. PL 912 was already adopted by the Senate in December 2007 (in the form of Neuter& Return). Since April 2008 it was in the Committee for public administration within the Chamber of Deputies where it was amended (in the form of killing) and now it is waiting for debating by the plenum of Chamber of Deputies (the decisional Chamber and not the first one). Therefore, the legislative project can not be "deemed adopted after 30 or 45 days". There is NO "silent" adopting for PL912. If it is never discussed never will be adopted.

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